11/3 RUI solo debut single "SATISF ACTION" release commemorative mini live & privilege party




2021/10/24 10:07


Date and time November 3, 2021 (Wednesday)
[Part 1] 11:45 Pre-sale 12:45 Open 13:00 Start [Part 2] 15:45 Open 16:00 Start

Venue: Tokyo MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 Rooftop event space "MAG's PARK" (1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

* The venue is outdoors. Please note that the content of the event may change depending on the weather on the day. Umbrellas, including parasols, are prohibited at the venue during light rain. Please bring a raincoat etc.
* To reach the special rooftop booth, please use the outer stairs from the food floor on the 7th floor to reach the rooftop. There is a door leading to the R floor (rooftop) at the back of the food floor.
* You cannot go directly to the venue by elevator.

Contents Mini-live / privilege meeting required Advance admission reservation + solo debut single CD "SATISFACTION" with admission numbered ticket ¥ 3,500
Customers who purchase the products eligible for the special event will be given a special ticket according to the purchase price.

* There is no free viewing.
* Customers of elementary school age and above are required to apply and purchase a CD with an admission ticket. Up to 1 preschooler can accompany.

[Advance admission reservation (lottery)]
After registering as a member of the ticketing service Livepocket (free of charge), please make an admission reservation for this event. Please register from the following.
* We will verify your identity with your name, driver's license, student ID, health insurance card, etc. printed on the electronic ticket on the day of the event. Please enter your real name correctly for the registered name of Live Pocket.

[Reception period / URL]
Application period: October 22, 2021 (Friday) 18: 00-October 29 (Friday) 10:00
Winning Notice After 18:00 on October 29 [Part 1] https://t.livepocket.jp/e/clcje
[Part 2] https://t.livepocket.jp/e/3_xwo

* As part of measures against infectious diseases, we have set an upper limit on the number of visitors.
* If the number of applicants exceeds the upper limit, a lottery will be held.
* If there is room in the number of receptions, we may carry out first-come-first-served reception at a later date.
* Cancellation after application is not accepted on the system. Please refrain from applying more than necessary as it will affect the number of participants.
* Please provide the names and contact information of all visitors for the purpose of contacting visitors in the event of an infectious disease, etc., and cooperating with public institutions such as the health center in charge. .. Personal information provided will be strictly managed in accordance with company rules, and will be responsibly discarded after a certain period of time has passed. If you cannot verify your identity, you may be refused admission.
* If you are entering with a companion with a different number, please enter with the number behind.
* The reference number will be viewed when you enter or sit down.

[Products subject to admission]
Solo debut single CD "SATISFACTION" with admission ticket ¥ 3,500 (tax included)
* Award tickets are not eligible.
* The reference number will be distributed randomly.
* The reference number is limited to one per person per application section.

[Products eligible for the award party] One award ticket will be given for every ¥ 2000 purchased.
・ Random bromide ¥ 300 (17 types in total / autographed per hit!)
・ "SATISFACTION" dress-up jacket (2 types in total) ¥ 500
* Products will end as soon as the number of preparations is exhausted.
* The award ticket is limited to the day.

[Payment method]
Only cash can be used for admission products.
Cash and credit cards can be used for products eligible for the award event.
* Credit cards may not be accepted due to communication conditions. Please note.

[Bonus party]
1 piece: Louis and rock-paper-scissors privilege party (winning: solo image shooting, losing: postcard handed over)
2 photos: Solo image shooting
3 shots: 2 shot image shooting
5 sheets: Message voice memo (10 seconds)
10 sheets: Message movie (10 seconds)

* The rock-paper-scissors privilege party will be held through a shield.
* Solo images can be taken by yourself from the designated position with your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, or camera.
* 2 Shot images are taken with a shield in between. You will be responsible for shooting. Please note that some obstructions may be reflected during shooting. Poses that involve contact with performers are prohibited.
* We will not be able to remove it unless the person is blinking. Please note that we cannot make transfers at other venues.
* Message voice memos and movies are to be recorded and recorded by yourself on your terminal. Please note that it is not a quiet environment. Please fill in the content of the message in hiragana in advance and the staff will confirm it.

* The event will be held after taking sufficient measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
* Customers must wear a mask to participate. If you do not wear a mask, you will not be able to participate. Admission tickets and award tickets cannot be refunded. We also ask for your cooperation in disinfection and hand washing. (Customers who do not wear a mask may decline the purchase.)
* Performers will also wear masks during the special event (including when shooting).
* The number of award tickets is limited. Sales will end when the planned number of sheets is finished.
* There is no gift box. Please note that we cannot accept gifts, letters, festive flowers, etc.

[Fan letter / gift destination]
To RUI, Nerima Sakuradai Post Office, 176-0011
[please note]
・ Please specify who you are addressed to.
・ Because it is a post office restante, it cannot be sent by courier (Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, etc.). Please send by postcard, envelope, Yu-Pack, etc.
・ Because it is stored at room temperature at the post office, we cannot accept living things (including fresh flowers). In addition, we cannot accept cash, cash vouchers, dangerous goods, items containing personal information, etc.
・ For safety confirmation, the contents of fan letters and gifts will be checked once by the staff. Please note that we will dispose of items that the staff has confirmed / determined to be inappropriate.
・ Please note that once you send a fan letter or gift, we cannot return it.
・ Please note that we cannot accept inquiries as to whether or not the letter has been delivered to the person.

We may inform you of new information on the day of the event, but please understand in advance and follow the staff's instructions to participate.

[To all visitors (measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection)]
* Please be sure to read it.
* Please check the policies of each local government, workplace, school, etc. in your area and act based on your own judgment.
* When forming a line such as a waiting line, please ensure a social distance between customers.
* Please move promptly when entering the venue and refrain from talking.
* Cheering and speaking out during the event is totally prohibited. Please enjoy by clapping and clapping.
* In addition, if you do not follow the staff's instructions, we may refuse admission.

In order to reduce the risk of infection from new coronavirus infections of members and staff as well as customers, we may make various restrictions and requests on the day. Thank you for your understanding. In addition, please carefully consider your own health condition when purchasing tickets.

[Basic notes]
■ This performance will be viewed in a seated position. It is prohibited to stand in front of your seat for viewing.
■ Dangerous acts, bringing in dangerous materials, inconvenience to other customers, and acts that interfere with viewing are prohibited.
■ It is prohibited to slander members, staff, or other customers, or to make statements or actions that are against morals.
■ Recording is prohibited except in limited cases. If you discover any of these actions, you will be asked to immediately delete the data and leave the venue.
■ Please manage your baggage and valuables by yourself. The organizer, venue, and performers are not responsible for any loss or theft in the venue.
■ Please follow the rules of the venue regarding eating, drinking, smoking, etc. in the venue.
■ Bringing alcoholic beverages and participating in alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
■ The event may be canceled or the contents may be changed due to various reasons. Please note.
■ Admission tickets will not be reissued for any reason.
■ Exchange and sale of admission tickets is strictly prohibited. If you are allowed to buy or sell, we will refuse to participate in the event in the future.
■ Forgery or duplication of admission tickets is a crime. If you find any of these actions, we will notify the police.
■ If the organizer determines that it is not suitable for participation in the event, we may refuse the participation of specific customers. Please note.
■ Please refrain from waiting for artists to enter or leave the venue.
■ For the safe operation of the event, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in the instructions from the staff on the day of the event.

□ Sit-in and gatherings around the venue, or taking a place with luggage or seats from early morning, etc., are strictly prohibited.
□ Please note that you cannot stop at the aisles around the venue, the entrances of nearby stores (storefronts), evacuation lines, etc. Please cooperate so that you can move according to the staff's instructions on the day.
□ If a complaint is received from the police or the venue, it may be canceled.

・ Please install the new Coronavirus Contact Confirmation App (COCOA) of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on your own terminal in advance and come in a state where you can use it.
・ At the time of admission, a non-contact thermometer will be used to check the body temperature. If you are afraid that your body temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher, we will re-measure the temperature away from the entrance line.
・ At the time of admission, you will be asked to disinfect your fingers with alcohol, and you will be responsible for the operation of picking up the electronic ticket.
Please line up the entrance line in a way that ensures a social distance.
・ Please wear a mask at all times from waiting for entry to completion of exit. Please refrain from conversations that may splash. In addition, cheering is prohibited when cheering.

・ The following customers will not be allowed to enter the venue on the day of the event even if they have a ticket.
In that case, the ticket fee will not be refunded, so please be aware of this before purchasing the ticket.
1. Customers who are refused to ask about body temperature measurement and physical condition.
2. Customers who have cold symptoms such as fever and cough with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher and symptoms such as suffocation.
3. Customers who are not in good physical condition.
4. Customers who may cause inconvenience to other customers due to sneezing or runny nose.
5. Customers who have or may have a new coronavirus infection near their family, workplace, or school.
6. Customers who have received a positive test for new coronavirus or are currently instructed to wait at home by a doctor.
7. Customers who have traveled within the last 14 days.
8. Those who do not bring a mask and those who cannot wear a mask at the venue.
9. Customers who cannot follow the instructions of the organizer / venue staff.
・ If you feel sick after entering the venue, please notify the staff immediately. We may ask you to leave depending on your symptoms.

Organizer: PP Production Co., Ltd.
Planning: Dreamusic Artist Management Co., Ltd./PP Production Co., Ltd.
Inquiries: Please use the inquiry form on the Livepocket event page.



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