Fighting πŸ’›


2021/09/02 22:30


Creamy πŸ’›

Thank you for your hard work today! ️

Finally tomorrow is Dday ^^

I've been waiting for the live day!

Everyone would have been waiting ~ πŸ˜†

People who come to the venue tomorrow should be careful ~

I hope it won't rain tomorrow ~

People who watch it live will be delivered live, so you can get excited in real time ~ I did it!

Sing to the end with all your heart while feeling everyone's support!

Tomorrow is a weekday, so if you work, check out the archive! !!

I am grateful to be able to perform live at such a time, and tomorrow I would like to sing the songs I have prepared carefully one by one!

This year, I think I've shown more of the performance on stage than singing, so tomorrow I'll definitely show Rui as an artist and singer πŸ’›

I think people who come to the venue tomorrow will be able to enter after taking proper measures against infection, but don't forget to wear a mask and wash your hands!

I want to get excited with everyone soon tomorrow! !!

It's been a long time since I've lived and I'm pretty nervous, but I'm having fun singing with the support of everyone! !!

See you tomorrow πŸ’›

Good night πŸ˜˜πŸ’€

γƒšγƒΌγ‚Έγ‚’ε ±ε‘Šγ™γ‚‹


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