[Fan letter / gift destination]

〒176-0011 Nerima Sakuradai Post Office

Addressed to Rui

[please note]

・ Please specify who you are addressed to.

・ Because it is a post office restante, it cannot be sent by courier (Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, etc.).

Please send by postcard, sealed letter, Yu-pack, etc.

・ Because it is stored at room temperature at the post office, we cannot accept living things (including fresh flowers).

In addition, we cannot accept cash, cash vouchers, dangerous goods, items containing personal information, etc.

・ For safety confirmation, the contents of fan letters and gifts will be checked once by the staff.

Please note that we will dispose of items that the staff has confirmed / determined to be inappropriate.

・ Please note that once you send a fan letter or gift, we cannot return it.

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* It may take about a week to reply to your inquiry. Please note.

For other inquiries and work requests, please send to the email address below.



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